When I had doubts over my horse running 160km in an elite endurance field I looked to VECTA Animal Health for support. Adding Amino-Buff daily to the horse’s diet is the only change I made and it has definitely resolved my concerns as I finished in the top 5. 

M. Mohammed
Dubai, UAE


In being a Thoroughbred Trainer for over 25 years and using many different BCAA pastes along the journey, RecoverMax is definitely the most effective BCAA I have used. The extra potency and having no fillers made a big difference in the recovery of horses in my stable. I gave a 60g syringe within 1 hour after completing a 1600m race and I can’t believe the difference it makes compared to the other recovery supplements. Fast, effective and very well priced.

N. Vicker
Thoroughbred Trainer


I changed my whole stable over to using RecoverMax following hard work and racing after trying this great product. It was easy to administer as mixing in a tub prior to use was not required and my horses loved the citrus flavour of the paste. I strongly reccomend you use RecoverMax and see the the fast recovery for yourself!

P. Matthews
Standardbred Trainer


As an equestrian enthusiast for years I have seen many products come and go. I have personally seen the concentrates in many nutritional and vitmain supplements be continually diluted. Finally I came across VECTA Animal Health and purchased their MultiVitamin, Iron Folic Acid and Calcivite D products. All the products proved to be very effective and the higher concentration has made my supplementation more cost-effective as the dosages I give has more than halved from what I used to give using other Equine supplements. Finally, a company who puts the effectiveness of their products before the dollars to make.

A. Enginzer
Eventing Rider
NSW, Australia