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Stable & Float Wash is a concentrated Organic disinfectant that contains no caustics, solvents or soaps. It works efficiency in hard or soft and rinses freely to leave no residue.

VECTA Stable & Float Wash is non-toxic and harmless to paint, fabric or glass. It is a potent germ killer with as little as 1ml per litre kills a wide range of disease causing bacteria in less than five minutes.

It is a mild green clear liquid with a light eucalyptus fragrance, containing powerful antiseptic agents to ensure positive bacteria control.

Directions of Use Only broad dilution recommendations can be given as the concentration depends on the degree and type of contamination being treated.

•             Light duty cleaning – 3mls per Litre

•             Medium duty cleaning – 6mls per Litre

•             Heavy duty cleaning – 12mls per Litre


Available Sizes

5L & 20L

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