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Active Ingredients (Per L):

  • Gamma-Oryzanol   -   5,400mg
  • Vitamin E as di-Alpha-Tocopherol   -   33,340mg


VECTA POWER E is a unique combination of Gamma Oryzanol and dl-AlphaTocopherol at very high concentrates. Both key ingredients play similar roles towards anti-oxidant stress although when combined, explosive results are experienced in preventing cell damage, delaying muscle fatigue and annihilating free radicals from the system.

VECTA Power E is a unique, one of a kind oil at the highest concentrates available and is the only Vitamin E oil that contains Gamma Oryzanol.


How does VECTA POWER E Work?

Free radicals contribute to oxidative muscle fatigue. Vitamin E works as a biological antioxidant, preventing the oxidation of unsaturated lipids within cellular and subcellular membranes by neutralizing production of free radicals. Through this process, and potentially other processes, Vitamin E functions to maintain normal neuromuscular function.

Gamma Oryzanol has been proven as stress reducer as it lowers the heart rates of horses with regular supplementation over time [1]. As Gamma Oryzanol also prevents the breakdown of muscular cells by lowering the blood lactate levels, regular supplementation can assist in delaying muscle fatigue [2]. To achieve delaying muscle fatigue effects, potent dosages must be used. VECTA POWER E, when combined with other VECTA products like, VECTA ANA-BULK, provide these required potent dosages


Available Sizes

5L - 83 Doses

1 Litre of POWER-E VITAMIN OIL Contains the following Active Constituents:

  • Gamma-Oryzanol   -   5,334.5mg
  • Vitamin E as di-Alpha-Tocopherol   -   33,340mg

Scientific Reference List

[1]. Heart rate of horses undergoing aerobic exercise and supplemented with gamma-oryzanol

Alexandre A. O. Gobesso*1, Iaçanã V. F. Gonzaga1, Rafael Françoso1, Fernanda M. P. Taran1, Thiago Centini1; Júlia R. Ferreira1, Fernanda P. Rodrigues1, Yasmin N. Bortoletto2, Carolina T. Marino1

[2]. Effects of b-Hydroxy-b-Methylbutyrate and g-Oryzanol on Blood Biochemical Markers in Exercising Thoroughbred Race Horses

Piotr Ostaszewski PhD, DVMa, Agnieszka Kowalska MSc a, Ewa Szarska PhD b, Piotr Szpota_nski DVMc, Anna Cywinska PhD, DVMd, Bo_zena Ba1asi_nska PhD a, Tomasz Sadkowski PhD, DVMa


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