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Active Ingredients (Per Kg):

  • Potassium  -  71.5g
  • Chloride  -  181.3g
  • Sodium  -  227.5g
  • Sulphate  -  126.8g
  • Bicarbonate  -  181.6g
  • Magnesium  -  36.1g
  • Carbonate  -  88.9g
  • Citrate  -  77.1g


VECTA Equilyte Plus is a balanced mixture of essential salts required for the maintenance of electrolyte balance in performance horses.


Equilyte Plus is an alkaline salt. This is an aid to the balancing of body fluid acidosis which develops with exercise. All horses during training and racing lose essential body electrolytes through sweating.

VECTA Equilyte Plus is suitable for horses in all disciplines and all conditions, except endurance exercise.


Signs and Symptoms of Electrolyte Deficiencies

An early indication that a horse is suffering from electrolyte deficiency is a general lack of vitality.

Other indications are cramping, dehydration, heat stress, nervousness, acidic urine and water retention. If not replaced on a strict daily basis with VECTA Equilyte Plus, electrolyte losses will cause an electrolyte imbalance which can produce adverse effects on body fluids, kidney, muscle cell function and other vital tissues. Horses with an electrolyte deficiency are not able to perform to their capabilities due to premature fatigue, greatly reduced stamina, loss of appetite, dehydration, muscle cramps and fatigue and poor recovery after strenuous exercise and poor performance.


Sodium Bicarbonate

Clinical tests show that, on average, doses as high as 50g in morning feed will only elevate sodium bicarbonate levels by less than 1 m/mole per litre. This is substantially below levels which racing authorities regard as so-called “milk shake” limits. Sodium bicarbonate is an important electrolyte for the horse, so VECTA Equilyte Plus can be used with ‘absolute confidence’ that it will not contravene the rules of racing when dosage recommendations are followed.


Available Sizes

3KG - 75 Doses

5KG - 125 Doses

20KG - 500 Doses

1KG of VECTA EQUILYTE PLUS Contains the following Active Constituents:


  • Potassium  -  71.5g
  • Chloride  -  181.3g
  • Sodium  -  227.5g
  • Sulphate  -  126.8g
  • Bicarbonate  -  181.6g
  • Magnesium  -  36.1g
  • Carbonate  -  88.9g
  • Citrate  -  77.1g

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