1. What is the difference between VECTA-GOLD and other combination oils available on the market?

VECTA Gold is the only emulsified oil available which means the ingredients are more easily absorbed by the liver and result in higher amounts of energy than other combination oils. Its unique and comprehensive ingredients for an unparalleled performance and nutritional oil.

2. How should I store VECTA-GOLD?

VECTA-GOLD should only be kept in a dark place away from sunlight.

3. Is VECTA-GOLD safe to use with other medications and supplements?

Yes. VECTA-GOLD is completely safe to use with other medications and supplements.


1. What is the difference between VECTA OMEGA-GOLD and other Omega Oil products available on the market?

Most Omega Oil products are only a combination of blended vegetable oils. VECTA OMEGA-GOLD contains Vitamin E oil, Flaxseed Oil which is more concentrated in omega oils, and vanilla flavouring to make it more palatable. VECTA OMEGA-GOLD, unlike many other Omega Oils contains Omega 3, 6 & 9.

2. How should I store VECTA OMEGA-GOLD?

VECTA OMEGA GOLD should only needs to be kept in a dark place away from direct sunlight.

3. Can I save money by feeding VECTA OMEGA GOLD as compared to feeding in active ingredients individually?

Yes you can save a considerable amount of money by buying VECTA OMEGA-GOLD. Purchasing these sorts of oils individually and mixing them would cost significantly more.


1. Given the name ANA-BULK, does it contain any anabolic steroids?

No, Ana-Bulk does not have any anabolic steroids contained in the formula as it does not contain anabolic substances or activate androgen receptors in any way. It has however been proven to provide anabolic-like effects due to the high concentrate of Gamma-Oryzanol.

2. Is Ana-Bulk legal?

Yes VECTA ANA-BULK is completely legal and can be used in all Equine disciplines.

3. If I choose to repeat the recommended course of 8 weeks, will that overdose the animal?

No, you cannot overdose on VECTA ANA-BULK and it has been proven that Gamma Oryzanol is a potent antioxidant for muscles.


1. What is the benefit of Gamma Oryzanol mixed with Vitamin E?

As Gamma Oryzanol is a very powerful muscle antioxidant, it supports and reinforces the muscular healing power of Vitamin E.

2. Is VECTA Power E the only product with these combined ingredients available?

Yes, VECTA Power E is a completely unique product and the only one available with this combination of ingredients.

3. How much should I feed my horse?

You should feed 30ml twice a day.

VECTA RecoverMax

1. What is the difference between VECTA RecoverMax and other recovery supplements available?

VECTA RecoverMax is the most potent BCAA based recovery supplement in the world. RecoverMax also contains a proprietary blend of Arginine, Citruline and Beta-Alanine. RecoverMax is filled with MCT Oil for explosive results providing a more effective recovery supplement compared to any BCAA based paste available today.

2. Are there any fillers used?

There are no fillers in RecoverMax which means you get more value for your money and only deliver pure-power BCAA to expedite recovery following hard work, racing or competition.

3. Is VECTA RecoverMax scientifically proven?

Yes, ingredients contained in RecoverMax such as BCAA’ and L-Glutamine are scientifically proven to enhance the recovery process of horses and camels if administered within one hour after strenuous exercise or competition.

VECTA Vectrolyte Paste

1. When can Vectrolyte Paste be used?

Vectrolyte can be used anytime when a horse needs a rapid replacement of electrolytes and nutroents or just prior to and FEI regulated competition.

2. Are there any fillers in Vectolyte Paste?

No, there are no fillers in Vectrolyte Paste. Vectrolyte Paste has been proven to be very effective in use with endurance racing.

3. How potent is Vectrolyte Paste?

Vectrolyte Paste is the most potent electrolyte concentration paste available today and included B-Vitamins.

VECTA B-Vita Boost

1. What’s the benefit of B-Vita Boost Paste compared B-Complex injection?

Complying  with the rules and regulations of most equine sports, B-Complex injections are prohibited 48 hours prior to the event where as B-Vita Boost can be administered daily in the feed including the day of the event.

2. Is B-Vita Boost Paste sustainable?

Yes it is sustainable as it is slowly absorbed it takes longer to leave the system.

3. Is B-Vita Boost allowed to be administered on race or event day?

Yes supplements are legal to administer into the feed on the day of a race.

VECTA Amino-Fuel-Nitro

1. What is the main benefit of Amino Fuel Nitro as compared to other pre-race supplements?

Amino Fuel Nitro is the potent Nitric Oxide vasodilating supplement available today. It is a 100% pure amino-acid concentrate that provides a huge boost in race day results.

2. As it is a potent vasodilator, does it swab?

No Amino-Fuel-Nitro does not swab as it does not contain any prohibited supplements as the potent vasodilators are from organic nitrates found in Beetroot and Spinach.

3. Is it legal?

Amino-Fuel-Nitro is completely legal as it contains natural organic supplements. Rules of Racing apply

VECTA Amino-Buff

1. Does Amino Buff elevate the TCO2 level?

No, Amino Buff does not raise TCO2 levels regardless of the amount that is supplemented.

2. Are there any fillers?

No there are no fillers in Amino-Buff, only a 100% concentrate of amino acids which supply more value for your money.

VECTA Amino-Bulk

1. Is Hemp protein meal legal?

Yes, Hemp protein meal is legal as it is only a derivative which does not contain anything illegal.

2. Can Amino-Bulk be used as a recovery supplement as well?

Yes Amino Bulk can also be used as a recovery supplement.

3. How often and how much should I feed of it for recovery?

Administer two heaped scoops to 250ml of water or the feed within one hour after strenuous exercise.

VECTA Multi-Vitamin

1. What is the difference between VECTA Multi-Vitamin and other Multi-Vitamin supplements?

The concentration of multi-vitamins compared to other supplements is much higher for VECTA multi-vitamin.

2. How should it be fed?

VECTA Multi-Vitamin is best mixed into a damp wet feed.           

3. If my horse has a vitamin deficiency, how should I feed it?

For vitamin deficiencies, it is best fed 50g per day until the horse’s performance returns to normal and then fed 25g per day as maintenance course.

VECTA Equilyte Plus

1. What separates Equilyte Plus to other electrolyte supplements?

The concentration of Equilyte Plus compared to other electrolyte supplements confirms it to be much more effective replacing lost electrolytes as well buffering lactic acid.

2. Is Equilyte Plus cheaper than other electrolyte supplements?

Yes it is much cheaper than other electrolyte supplements and better value for money as smaller doses are required.

3. If I feed Equilyte Plus on race day, because of the high Bi-carb content will breach the legal TCO2 threshold?

It is very unlikely you will breach the legal threshold. Clinical tests have shown average doses as high as 50g in morning feed will only elevate TCO2 levels by less than 1m/mole per litre.

VECTA Gluco-Boost

1. What is the difference between a mixture of glucoses as compared to straight Dextrose?

A mixture of glucoses are more readily absorbed.

2. How financially viable is it?

It is very viable financially as buying these glucoses individually and supplementing at those doses would cost significantly more than Gluco-Boost.

3. Can I use Gluco-Boost as a recovery supplement?

Yes, it can be used as a recovery supplement as the glucose is readily absorbed and processed by the liver.

VECTA Iron Folic Acid

1. How potent is VECTA Iron Folic Acid when compared to other Iron supplements?

VECTA Iron Folic Acid is very potent. Most of the leading brand Iron and Folic Acid supplements only contain around 10 000mg -15 000mg of Iron and 250 – 300mg of Folic Acid per kg. VECTA Iron Folic Acid contains 500,000mg of Iron and 20,000mg of Folic Acid.

2. What is the price comparison of VECTA Iron Folic Acid to other Iron supplements?

VECTA Iron Folic Acid is very well priced in comparison to other brands especially taking into account the extreme concentration.

3. How well absorbed is VECTA Iron Folic Acid as compared to other supplements?

VECTA Iron Folic Acid was designed as an oral supplement allowing for a more effective absorption as other brands were not designed to be administered orally.

VECTA Anti Tie-Up

1. What is the benefit of Anti Tie-Up as compared to Injectables?

Anti Tie-Up powder can be given up to and including race or event day unlike tie-up injectables which have a 2 day withholding period.

2. Are there any fillers?

There are no fillers in VECTA Anti-Tie-Up which means you get more value for you money.

3. How financially viable is it?

It is very viable financially as it retails at half the price of other leading brands.

VECTA Calcivite-D with Biotin

1. What is the main benefit of VECTA Calcivite-D with Biotin when compared other Calcium supplements?

VECTA Calcivite-D has double the amount of calcium in two different forms as compared to other leading brands.

2. Are there any fillers?

No there are no fillers in VECTA Calcivite D with Biotin.

3. What is the benefit of Vitamin D mixed with Calcium?

The addition of Vitamin D which most other calcium supplements do not have allows for more effective absorption of Calcium and Phosphorous.

VECTA Vitasel E

1. How does Vitasel E concentration compare to other Vitamin E and Selenium products?

VECTA Vitasel E is more advanced that other Vitamin E and Selenium products as it contains a much higher concentration.

2. Does Vitasel E contain any other ingredients?

Yes VECTA Vitasel E also contains Vitamin A in the form of Retinol and Vitamin B1 which both supply extra antioxidant effects for muscles.

3. Is Vitasel E financially viable?

Yes it is very viable financially as it is competes with the concentration of other versions and also has other highly concentrated ingredients that competing products do not possess.

VECTA Protequin

1. Are there any fillers in VECTA Protequin?

No there are no fillers. Protequin is a combination of pure amino acids designed to meet the complete protein needs of the sporting horse.

2. Why use amino acid based protein over something like whey protein?

Amino acids are a lot more readily absorbed than other versions of protein.

3. Is Portequin cost-effective?

Yes especially when compared to other brands as it possesses a higher concentration that competing brands.

VECTA Nurotone Advanced

1. Does Nurotone Advanced contain any banned substances?

Nurotone Advanced is completely drug free and does not contain any banned substances.

2. Can I supplement Nurotone Advanced on race day or day of competition?

Yes, as it is a supplement it can be added to the morning feed on race or competition day.

3. Is it cost-effective?

Yes compared to other calming supplements Nurotone Advanced is only a fraction of the price.

VECTA MPTS Nebuliser

1. What is it the main point of difference when compared to the other nebulisers available?

VECTA MPTS Equine Nebuliser is a one-of-a-kind Nebuliser system featuring dual-nebulisation technologies with both an Ultrasonic Nebuliser and a Jet Nebuliser. The unit also possesses one-way inlet and outlet valves to ensure no recycled air is taken in. Sydney University validations confirmed the MPTS Equine Nebuliser is 500% more effective in breaking down particles into the ideal particle distribution range of 1-5 microns.

2. Is it legal to Nebulise my horse or camel?

Yes it is legal to nebulise although the rules and regulations may differ within your state or country of how close to a race or event. Certain solutions being nebulised will also carry a withholding period.

3. Is there a guarantee?

Yes there is a two year guarantee.

4. Can I use a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) in the unit?

Yes, MDI’s attach direct to the front mixing plenum in an air-tight fashion

VECTA Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Is VECTA Apple Cider Vinegar more concentrated than other brands?

Yes as the fermenting process is more intense and longer meaning it becomes more concentrated. VECTA Apple Cider Vinegar is double-strength.

2. Is VECTA Apple Cider Vinegar an antioxidant?

Yes VECTA Apple Cider Vinegar is an antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory.

3. Is VECTA Apple Cider Vinegar more cost-effective than other brands?

Yes it almost half the price of other Apple Cider Vinegars and is a double strength concentration.

VECTA Premium Hoof Dressing

1. What is the difference between VECTA Premium Hoof Dressing when compared to other hoof dressings?

VECTA Premium Hoof Dressing is a compilation of seven different substances which allows for a much more complete maintenance as compared to other dressings.

2. Is VECTA Premium Hoof Dressing more value for money than other branded hoof dressings?

Yes it is better value for money given its much more diverse array of ingredients.

3. Can I buy in bulk quantities?

VECTA can arrange for you to buy in any size you would like or provide a generous discount when buying in bulk quantities.

VECTA Stable and Float Wash

1. Is VECTA Stable and Float Wash toxic?

No it is not toxic as it is a concentrated organic wash.

2. Does it contain antiseptic agents?

Yes it contains antiseptic and disinfectant agents.

3. Is VECTA Stable and Float Wash available in different sizes?

Yes it is available in 5L and 20L.