About Us

VECTA Animal Health is a leading global brand headquartered in Sydney, Australia specialising in highly concentrated, premium products tailored towards Equine and Camel Nutrition, Performance and Recovery. Through key global partnerships, VECTA Animal Health delivers premium products with the high level of quality the industry has desired for decades.

With over 35 years experience in the industry, the VECTA Animal Health Group works closely with leading Veterinarians, Trainers and Universities around the world with a focus on validated and independently tested unique product formulations to deliver only the highest quality supplements.

VECTA’s product range caters for a variety of equine disciplines including Endurance Racing, Flat Racing, Show Jumping, Equestrian, Dressage and Polo.

With distribution in the UAE and Middle East Region, VECTA Animal Health provides advanced products for Camel racing to ensure optimal levels of nutrition are met with an extensive range of performance-enhancing products.

VECTA’s comprehensive range of premium products include:

VECTA Animal Health has a Research & Development Team dedicated to the creation of advanced and innovative products and new technologies for the benefit of the global competition and performance racing industries.